SporDat Ltd has been formed to promote what will probably prove to be the most comprehensive database covering both English and Scottish football.

The database is the result of decades of research covering football from the 1880’s to date and has been initiated by a former CEO in professional football clearly aware of the fundamental requirements necessary to bring to the marketplace.

The programme boasts the complete record of each league game played between two opposing clubs and provides full match result summary and importantly the same information for half time scores but with the added report of analysing the most common results emanating from their
half time positions. In essence the data allows full information for the results orientated element but also provides data to be reviewed for the publication and promotion on football club official websites, match day programmes and social media profiles.

The database is not only fully licensed by ourselves but is governed by the terms of its Intellectual Property Rights. It therefore follows that whilst we would welcome the opportunity of discussing our proposals on a “face to face” basis there would be the requirement for the signing and completion of a Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Research development of the concept started back in the 1970s as a result of a requirement to provide interesting programme material for a specific Football League Club and following early talks with that Authority it gradually progressed into the format now the subject of our approach to
the marketplace. From purely the English scene it became obvious that the Scottish Competitions formed an integral part of any such marketable program.

Extensive research provided the data for inclusion into a specifically designed software programme and with every single statistic being sourced,
validated and inputted the content has been proven by cross referencing to official data published by the Footballing Authorities. The Research and Development work to date has been excessive and has already surpassed the seven figure sum with further identified work to conclude it has been
deemed essential by the Directors to bring to the market the first element of the potential opportunities and to establish ourselves within the market.

The programme data has been designed in such a way as to provide maximum potential for many alternative forms of marketing and will be developed accordingly. However with the ever emerging marketplace within the E-Learning marketplace it was deemed most appropriate to select the education sector as the first of what will be many development releases.