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Sport + Data = SporDat

Welcome to SporDat, the UK's most comprehensive database of football match results, statistics and analysis covering all professional English and Scottish leagues since football was first recorded in the 1880's

English Leagues

Every football result covering Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and National League

Scottish Leagues

Every football result covering Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2

Club Milestones

Working with professional clubs we cover all individual club milestones to showcase results, goals scored, attendances, club v club stats and much more

What can SporDat offer?

Match by Match Game Statistics Half Time Scores Full Time Scores Overall Match Analysis

The UK's most comprehensive database of football results, statistics & data analysis. Whether it is to supply each professional football club in England & Scotland with a full breakdown of historical match by match statistical analysis, milestones and even overall match statistics or to help enhance pupils learning progress through our football educational platform, we can work with both elements side-by-side.

Here at SporDat we have every result from every game in England & Scotland from when football began in the 1880's. The most comprehensive collection of football results, statistics & data analysis in the UK.

Our work to collate this data has culminated in over 20+ years of research through the football archives. Now we are looking to work with all the professional English & Scottish Football Clubs alongside the educational sector to share our information...

Sport + Data = SporDat

The power of data is extremely strong in the sports sector, we can now deliver a new historical insight into football club performances to both the individual clubs and the educational sector through our e-learning platform...

Sport + Data = SporDat

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Since records began

SporDat's football results database covers every English & Scottish club match results, goals, attendances since records began in the 1880's

English Leagues

All scores from English Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2 and National League. Database also includes FA Cup, League Cup and more...

Scottish Leagues

All scores from Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2. Our database also includes all Scottish Cup and League Cup results...

European Competitions

The database covers the performance of English clubs in all UEFA European Competitions. Champions League, Europa League, UEFA Cup, Intertoto Cup, European Cup and more included.

Club Milestones

Extracting the data we can work with individual clubs to recognise specific club milestones such as goals scored, games won, attendances, half time and full time results plus much more...

Team A vs Team B

We can extract all data specific to any fixture scheduled to take place during the football season, this information is ideal for showcasing on club official websites, match day programmes and of course social media fan interaction

Power of Data & Revenue

Data is used in all aspects of football in the modern game, no more so than an overall record of results against any specific team. Find out how our data can help your club generate more revenue

Football Club Partnerships

Working in connection with senior management at football clubs we can help support and assist with managerial appointments, unearth new historic information and create new revenue streams over a sustained period of time


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Welcome to SporDat Ltd

SporDat Ltd has been formed to promote what will probably prove to be the most comprehensive database covering both English and Scottish football. The database is the result of decades of research covering football from the 1880’s to date and has been initiated by a former CEO in professional football clearly aware of the fundamental…

SporDat Partners

Sport + Data = SporDat

Allow us to unleash a whole new aspect to football data which has never been accessed before. An ever expanding database of football results, statistics, analysis and milestone events to be accessed by each professional football club.

Our club level partnerships allow each professional club to have access to historical match by match statistics and historical milestones never seen before. Working in partnership with SporDat we can help generate new commercial elements to increase revenue on the back of utilising our database analysis coupled with strong marketing strategies.

SporDat has the UK’s largest football result database which includes; half time scores, full time scores, game by game stats, home wins, draws, defeats, goals for, goals against, attendances and managerial records per club since football records began.

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